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    Curious if anyone has seen the error message in Crystaldiskinfo change from Caution to Good

    I'm using the latest Crystaldiskinfo 7.8.0 and it recently gave a Caution message (05 Reallocated Sectors Count, don't remember the number of errors, but it was low, I think below 10) on one of my drives (5Tb Seagate) recently. I'm now using the drive in a non-critical situation and can live with it suddenly dying. What's strange is that when I ran Crystaldiskinfo on the laptop (Win 8) it's now connected to (as an external), the error message is gone (no Reallocated Sectors). I moved it back to my main PC (Win 10) to doublecheck and sure enough no errors.

    Before I changed it's usage (i.e. non-critical), I ran a full surface scan and full format to see if anything changed. The error message was still there. Note, I had no plans to use it as a primary drive even if somehow the error was cleared.

    I also have a 4Tb WD drive that I tested at the same time and it shows Caution (05 Reallocated Sectors Count) both my laptop and main PC, so I'm confident the program is working correctly.
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  2. As far as I know, “pending sectors”, which are detected as unstable or unreadable during a read operation, can be cleared later on once they have been successfully overwritten (which for instance a so-called “full format” should do – not a read-only scan), but “reallocated sectors”, which have been remapped to other physical sectors from the spare area following a failure of a write operation, should normally stay that way, only advanced specialized softwares can clear them by directly editing the “system area” of the hard drive, which is normally not accessible by regular means.
    You may have more accurate replies on (if you manage to get a reply at all ! well, you might get a reply in less than 350 days... ).
    So, are you sure that it was the “reallocated sectors” field that had a warning ? Did you make screenshots ?
    HDSentinel is a similar software that is not free but has the significant advantage of keeping track of SMART parameters over time. It also includes various types of scans (read-only, write-only with selectable patterns, read + write + read, etc.).
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