Curious if anyone has seen the error message in Crystaldiskinfo change from Caution to Good

I'm using the latest Crystaldiskinfo 7.8.0 and it recently gave a Caution message (05 Reallocated Sectors Count, don't remember the number of errors, but it was low, I think below 10) on one of my drives (5Tb Seagate) recently. I'm now using the drive in a non-critical situation and can live with it suddenly dying. What's strange is that when I ran Crystaldiskinfo on the laptop (Win 8) it's now connected to (as an external), the error message is gone (no Reallocated Sectors). I moved it back to my main PC (Win 10) to doublecheck and sure enough no errors.

Before I changed it's usage (i.e. non-critical), I ran a full surface scan and full format to see if anything changed. The error message was still there. Note, I had no plans to use it as a primary drive even if somehow the error was cleared.

I also have a 4Tb WD drive that I tested at the same time and it shows Caution (05 Reallocated Sectors Count) both my laptop and main PC, so I'm confident the program is working correctly.