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    Hi. First time poster so apologies if this has been asked before.

    I have been left a lot of super 8 fine film and would like to digitise them. To get it done professionally would cost a couple of thousand pounds so I have been looking at purchasing a frame by frame scanner.

    My question is, which scanner will give the best finial result.
    The reflecta super 8+ (
    The wolverine moviemaker pro (

    Any information and advice would be really appreciated
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    There are several threads in the forums about film (8mm or super 8) scanners.

    For the Reflecta you can read a quite long topic at:

    Or there is the Hammacher scanner at:

    Or the Somikon at:

    All, or most, of these work the same way and scan a single frame and compile a mp4 video from these.

    But there are other ways. to 'capture' film. I have had quite reasonable results from a Kaiser 'Mirror Box' that takes s projected film in one side and use a video camera in the other.

    There will be many topics on here about methods. The 'capture' sub-forum may well not be the best place to look since as far as the forum is concerned this is technically not capturing
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