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  1. I am looking for game format BIK players, I dont want to use RADtools that is registry hogging and it can not play anywhere I want to.

    is there other BIK player? hoping the player is more like Mplayer classic style? small and nice

    no winamp style that puts about 1500 registries in your computer and also puts data miner elevator.exe without telling you.
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    But it can play only old Bink videos, and not Bink 2. I wanted to work on adding Bink 2 support.
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  3. from

    AA=Windows builds by lachs0r
    BB=Windows builds by shinchiro (git)

    CC=mpc-hc.exe or mpc-hc64.exe, CC= works from XP to win10

    why doesn't AA='s 32 bit work with XP?
    why doesn't BB='s 32 bit work with XP?

    after studying mpv.exe, I just found out CC= can play BIK format too

    I also found out the things below
    if AA= can play bik, then so can CC=
    if AA= can not play some bik formats, then neither can CC=

    i also found out I dont need this dreadful BAT installer that it came with AA= and BB=

    AA= and BB= didn't need these files in the same directory libaacs.dll, libbdplus.dll, d3dcompiler_43.dll

    all it needed was a single file mpv.exe and a batch file that has mpv.exe %1 to grab bik files... this was perfect

    I will keep my eyes on mpv.exe
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