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  1. How do I change the subtitle color of an mkv video on a Mac?
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  2. Start by telling the format of the subtitles and what program is used for playing the video.
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  3. Oh sorry. The subtitle format is vobsub and I'd like to play the video on my tv and on vlc on my laptop.
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  4. I'm not a MAC user so I'm afraid the only way I can think of is somewhat cumbersome.

    If you don't already have it install MKVToolnix. Assuming your video has a video-, audio- and subtitle track extract the idx/vobsub with

    mkvextract tracks color.mkv
    Now it would be easist if you already has an idx file with the colors you want then you could replace the upper part of the extracted idx file:

    [Attachment 46916 - Click to enlarge]

    Else you need to edit the color palette

    [Attachment 46917 - Click to enlarge]

    This may involve some trial and error. The color palette has 16 entries of which 4 is used in the subtitle: BG Background (often transparent), TXT (which I ussume is the one you want to change), OUT outline often black, ANT antialiasing often grey if used.

    [Attachment 46918 - Click to enlarge]

    Unfortunately there are no rules for how these colors are mapped to the palette but it is most often the first 4 entries.

    If you have access to a Windows PC you could use BDSup2Sub++ to visually edit the colors in the idx/vobsub.

    After editing mux the video with the new idx/vobsub using MKVToolnix GUI.
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  5. Thanks a lot, videobruger. I'll definitely give your method a try.
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