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  1. Hello,

    I'm new here, so excuse me if this post is in on the wrong board.

    I have MTS footage from a conference, produced using a camcorder, that I am trying to sync up with an MP4 video of a PowerPoint presentation.

    The MTS and MP4 are both recordings of the same time period - the MTS is of the person speaking and the MP4 was created using the record function in PowerPoint of the presentation that was being given - but when I try and sync them up the the MP4 play length is shorter, although is contains the same audio content. I can only assume that it is playing slightly faster somehow.

    I have tried trying to match the play times by speeding up and slowing down both files. Also the MP4 is 30fps and the MTS is 25fps. I have tried re-encoding each to match the fps of the other, but none of this has made any difference.

    If anyone has any ideas about how I can match these files up I would be most grateful. I have 26 such presentations to do so doing each one manually would be a real pain.

    My hardware/software set up is as and 8 core Clevo laptop running Linux Ubuntu 16.04 and using Kdenlive for video editing.

    Thanks you for your consideration,

    Michael, Edinburgh
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  2. 1) Were they continuous recordings ? Or were there periods of pause/start/stop?

    2) How much is it "off" by, and how long was that presentation (or duration of a typical presentation on average) ?

    3) Are both audio , video off by the same amount ? or is there an A/V difference within a single video (MTS vs. MTS, MP4 vs. MP4)

    4) What does mediainfo (view=>text) say about each ? copy & paste the text report back here for a MP4 and it's corresponding MTS

    There is software that can automatically sync cameras and actually do a good job, even correct for drift, but not for linux, and not free. Plural Eyes comes to mind
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