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    I have two Sony Blu-ray Players, the BDP-S1500 and BDP-S1700. I purchased these players specifically for their ability to convert DTS to Dolby Digital since my 1997 Yamaha RX-V2092 can't decode DTS. The video is sent through an HDMI to DVI cable to a Sharp Home Theater projector and audio is sent through a Digital Coax cable to the Yamaha receiver. This has been a great setup and has worked perfect on all Blu-ray discs until I upgraded each Blu-ray player's firmware to the latest version (DVD - Dolby Digital audio plays perfect both before and after the firmware update).

    When I first bought the BDP-S1500 in Sept. 2015, it had trouble playing some Blu-ray discs. I noticed it contained an old firmware version so I updated it to the latest at that time which solved all Blu-ray playing problems. From then on, I've updated each player's firmware when a new version was released. The upgrades never caused me any trouble until the latest version was installed.

    Now the Yamaha won't play any Blu-ray DTS-HD Master converted to Dolby Digital audio stream. I have Reset to Factory Default Settings, Initialize Personal Information then reconfigured all the [Setup] options back to where they used to be. Under {Audio Settings] Digital Audio Output is Auto and Dolby D Compatible Output is On. When a Blu-ray disc is playing the DTS-HD Master track, the Yamaha indicates it is receiving Dolby Digital audio but no sound is output. I have also tried all different combinations of options under [Audio Settings] and [System Settings] with the same results. The players have been unplugged overnight to try a power reset with the same results. Changing [Audio Settings] Digital Audio Output to PCM allows the Yamaha to play audio using Pro Logic which is my current work-around.

    The BDP-S1500 shows firmware M24.R.0222 and the BDP-S1700 shows M30.R.0485.

    To troubleshoot/solve this problem, I'd like to load an earlier firmware version but I cannot find the file(s) anywhere. Would anybody happen to have an older firmware version possibly stored on their hard drive that you could send me or maybe point me to where I can download an older version?

    I've written to Sony Technical Support but they have not responded.

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