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  1. Fellow VideoHelp members,

    I'm hoping to fix a official German PAL DVD.
    The DVD in question seems to have some really annoying chroma issues in the motion.
    It happens pretty often on playback so i decided to check the video in Avisynth to see what's up.

    Using this script i could clearly see the problem in the chroma beeing related to the even field using chroma from the odd field.
    It happens throughout the video quite often but it's not consistent.
    v = MPEG2Source("DONKEYKONG_DVD2.Title9.d2v", cpu=0)
    s = SeparateFields(v)
    e = SelectEven(s)
    o = SelectOdd(s)
    StackHorizontal(e.Subtitle("even field"), o.Subtitle("odd field"))

    However i'm not quite sure how resolve this issue.
    I've attached a m2v clip made using DGindex.

    Appreciate any Avisynth advice thanks.
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  2. Try this:

    Mpeg2Source("DONKEYKONG_DVD2.Title9.demuxed.d2v", CPU2="ooooxx", Info=3) 
    TFM(field=0) # restore out-of-phase parts to progressive frames
    o = SelectOdd()
    e = SelectEven()
    e = MergeChroma(e, o) # replace chroma of even fields with chroma from odd fields (cleaner)
    It's not perfect but it's much better. I'd follow up with some noise reduction.
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