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  1. Hi
    I have some old Hi8 tapes which were captured to digital files by a professional lab. The lab provided files with the video encoded in Prores 422 10-bit. Before going to the editing phase I need to de-interlace, meaning I have to go through a process of decoding, filtering, and encoding, and I was expecting the GPU on my GTX 1060 with CUDA cores to help me speed up that process.

    Now I have read on the nVidia site that their NVDEC does not support decoding of 422 chroma subsampling. As I was not planning on using 300$ for the Studio version of DaVinci, I was aiming to use ffmpeg, but the issue is independent of SW unless the SW has some workaround, I guess?

    Any comments to above observations? Did I get it right?

    Further, if I want to benefit from the GPU processing power for encoding while maintaining the 10bit color depth, it seems I must use h265 with either 420 or 444 chroma subsampling. Any recommendations or other comments in this respect?

    Looking forward to responses...
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  2. Looking at what NVDec supports ( you will see that ProRes isn't listed there.
    So using your GTX 1060 for decoding will not work, independent on the software.
    (I also don't know of any OpenCL based decoder for ProRes so I doubt there is any gpu assisted decoding around atm.)
    Don't think the Studio version of DaVinci does come with some gpu based or assisted decoder either.

    Using the gpu for encoding and filtering should be no problem.
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  3. Thanks Selur,
    Just hoped I was overlooking something.
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  4. Nope, ProRes is closed source and the whole decoding and encoding in other tools only works because part of it was reverse engineered a few years ago,..
    I doubt there will ever be hardware decoding for ProRes.
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