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  1. Hi,

    I need someone to give me some brain because I have read so much stuff and there is no final answer.

    I want to convert many animated videos to MP4, so my question is did I will have some use of my mining rig I have 6x1080 NVIDIA Cards, because I see some new method of converting videos with QuickSync that uses CPU with some onboard GPU.

    So basically did I have any use from 6 - 1080 NVIDIA cards for converting the videos or there is no need for too much GPUs.

    I still can't figure out did I need good CPU or GPU or both for converting the videos.
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  2. Quicksync is built into some Intel CPUs so Nvidia cards won't help you with Quicksync encoding. You want to use an encoder that support Nvidia's nvenc encoder.
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    it is right tha QS is only some Intel CPUs feature. But there are software most probably can use QS for encoding and use Nvidia card for some effects. I think it can be very helpful especialy with animation use some HW filters optimized for Nvidia cuda or whatever. Problem is utilize 6x 1080. In Nvenc 1080 is using same chip as 1050ti and price is very different. If you find software (probably Hybrid is able) which can encode with QS and filters made by Cuda, it can really make your encoding much faster. Look for cuda filters. That is the field 1080 is advanced to other Pascal cards. except 1080ti.
    But QS is pure CPU thing, already mentioned by Jagabo.

    Edit: You should consider to encode with nvenc. Don't know how it works with multiple gpus, but with one you can convert 2 videos at once. So theoreticaly you can encode 12 videos at once. Not sure if possible but in theory no problem. Practice is different thing.

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