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  1. Hi all!
    Is it possible to substitute the center channel of a ac3 5.1 file, using another ac3 file that contains (only) the center channel that I want?
    All the ac3 files have the same parameters, sample rate... The process should be lossless.

    Thank you in advance for all the help
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  2. I think it's not possible because AC3 channels use channel coupling and a shared bit pool. (Unless both encodes don't make any use of it? So basically only if a very bad/basic encoder was used.)

    You can get basically lossless if you use a lossless output codec like FLAC.
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  3. Thank you. Bummer!
    So what would you recommend to achieve minimal loss of quality?

    Those 2 ac3 files come from a conversion from original DTS audio.

    So far what I wanted to do was:
    DTS file 1-> AC3 file 1
    DTS file 2-> AC3 file 2
    And then "merge" the channel from AC3 file 1 in AC3 file 2

    But if there's another way to do it I am all ears! The resulting file HAS TO BE AC3.
    Maybe converting DTS to PCM or WAV during the first conversion (where I apply some changes with ffmpeg) and then importing all the channels in Audacity, remove the channels I don't want, apply a filter on 1 of the channels and export to AC3.
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  4. Lossless probably not... ffmpeg may do this as already pointed by sneaker - you need to be sure that both sources has same duration - if not then all things become more complex and way more lossy than regular channel manipulation.
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  5. Yes, they have the same duration
    Thank you
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