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    2018 codecs comparison report page:

    MSU (Moscow State University) annually conducts comparisons of video codecs for 14 years. Since 2015, we release reports on HEVC codecs comparisons. In this year, we compared 14 codecs. HW265 (Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.), Tencent Shannon Encoder, Intel MSDK HEVC (SW) and Kingsoft HEVC Encoder became the leaders of FullHD comparison.

    Download free version or purchase enterprise report

    The following reports will also be published this year:
    * Subjective report (subjective comparison conducted on platform)
    * 4K report (comparison on high-resolution video sequences)
    * Ultra-Ripping + AV1 (comparison on extremely slow (high quality) presets)
    * Global Codecs Trends (re-comparison of previously participated codecs versions on one platform and set of video sequences)

    If you want to be notified when a new report is published, subscribe to reports updates
    Stay tuned!
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