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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm having a hard time with I would really like to save one of their videos (on, I'm going as far as grabbing all of the .ts files, but all of them are unplayable.
    When opening them with VLC, it just sits there doing nothing, FFMPEG says "Output file #0 does not contain any stream" and so I can't even try to merge them together. Providing FFMPEG with the m3u8 url directly also doesn't work as the full link is quiet peculiar, here's an example with one of the TS:!/intlod/MTVInternational/MBUS/TACTIC/201...ec0d6b5e86eea6

    So it appears to have an extra verification step, for every .ts file, so there's more than just null=0, but it actually has a lot of GET content in there. Now, I still managed to grab the .TS as I said (as long as I pass all of the URL you see above), but that's it, TS is also large (if I use the HD m3u8, the one above is SD I believe) enough and varies from TS to TS. Are these encrypted perhaps?

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  2. After some more digging, I know that the issue is that these are AES-128 encrypted TS files. Just need to find a way to use the Key posted in the m3u8 file to decrypt every .TS file, any advice on how to do that?
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  3. Originally Posted by alfloret View Post
    akamaihd driving me insane
    sanity is overrated.

    use youtube-dl. it will download hls, mp4, or rtmpe for your video.

    if you have gone too insane to use youtube-dl, you can use rtmpdump.
    rtmpdump -r "rtmpe://!/intlod/MTVInternational/MBUS/TACTIC/201801/VIAMTVIPYC0856CPKI5/PML0160-0001_1280x720_3500_h32.mp4" -o file.flv
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  4. Hey ponens,

    Thanks a lot for the tips, rtmpdump worked! Question is, where did you get this bit from?
    Is it something standard with akamaihd?
    When I search all traffic (F12), I can't find anything related to cp24807.

    Many thanks again
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