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  1. Hi folks,

    Could anybody please help download 3 episodes the of this show;

    I'm in Ireland, content is Canadian.

    If ripping the files for me is too much to ask then I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out if someone could give me instructions, although I haven't ripped a stream in a long time. I'm using a Windows.

    Thanks for your time, any help/advice is greatly appreciated.
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  2. Browser -> F12 -> URL:

    ffmpeg -i " 1" -c copy video.ts
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  3. Find a working Canadian proxy server from a site like this:

    Then use it like this:

    ffmpeg -http_proxy -i "" -c copy FirstContact1.ts
    ffmpeg -http_proxy -i "" -c copy FirstContact2.ts
    ffmpeg -http_proxy -i "" -c copy FirstContact3.ts
    I was able to download all three parts with that.
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