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  1. Hi all, new to this Forum, ive ran into a problem for which ive searched the internet for and haven't come across a fix, im using BD Rebuilder to make a backup of my BD "a wrinkle in time" im using the full backup option with a target size of BD25, cos it saves space as I want to keep it incase the backup gets destroyed and also BD25 discs are a whole lot cheaper ,

    the symptoms are after burning it to a BD25, it plays but just goes to a looped video, it seems its selecting the wrong playlist, screen pass ??

    but I cant find how to resolve the issue


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  2. Can't resolve your problem, but some of us have gone a different route. We use MKV to backup and put that file on a hard drive. Are you interested in trying that?
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  3. Hi, thanks for the reply, I was hoping to keep all menus and extras, as for MKV I usually just keep the .m2ts file as I like uncompressed/original as I have 12 TB HDD
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  4. on these disney disks like the one your doing would have to be done as movie only and selecting the right playlist on the main info section
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  5. ok cheers for the help
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