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  1. If you want to add shot changes to the waveform in Subtitle Edit, you donít have to painstakingly go frame-by-frame and add them manually. Instead, you can auto-generate shot changes by using a feature that not many people know about. Here is how itís done:

    1. Download FFmpeg . Make sure you select the right version and architecture for your computerís operating system:

    [Attachment 46787 - Click to enlarge]

    You donít need to install FFmpeg ó just extract the archiveís contents into a folder.

    2. Launch Subtitle Edit, go to Options > Settings > Waveform/spectrogram. There, in the bottom-right corner, check Use FFmpeg for wave extraction and add the path to the file ffmpeg located in your folder:

    [Attachment 46788 - Click to enlarge]

    3. Open your video and add the waveform by clicking on the corresponding UI element:

    [Attachment 46789 - Click to enlarge]

    4. Go to Video > Import Scene Changes, click Get scene changes with FFmpeg and wait until the program finishes its job.

    [Attachment 46790 - Click to enlarge]

    5. Done! Now the waveform will have shot changes shown as vertical white lines:

    [Attachment 46791 - Click to enlarge]

    (Note that the approach described above doesnít currently work for the languages that have the comma as the decimal separator. If this is the case for you, you can use SE Beta for the time being. The issue will be fixed in the next update scheduled to come out in August 2018.)

    Source: ( thanks to Max Deryaginís Subtitling Studio )


    Best regards.

    devil (johner)
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  2. Thank you so much for this tip, I was about to look for another program.
    Subtitle edit now rocks

    However, how do I know the time between the shot change and the subtitle?
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