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  1. Aja KONA HDMI (price ~$900)

    The crown's jewel:
    • - Capture up to 4 1080p HDMI streams
    • - Capture 1 4k/60fps stream
    • - Supports 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 chroma subsampling
    • - HDMI 2.0

    Magwell Pro Capture HDMI 4K Plus (Price ~$900)

    Another option
    • - Capture 1 4k/60hz stream
    • - Support HDR10 & 8-channel audio
    • - HDMI 2.0
    * I don't know about chroma subsampling

    I have read mixed reviews about this product. Some state that the capturer chip is the same as the 4k/60Hz ElGato, which less than the half. Or that aren't able to capture uncompressed lossless.

    AVerMedia GC573 Live Gamer 4K (price ~$290)

    More compact solution
    • - Records at 4K/60 1440/144 1080/240
    • - Some people claim it has a 100ms audio delay
    • - HDMI 2.0

    This are my investigations so far. I could have missed plenty of devices, I don't have any direct experience with this products hence this post. I am thinking in buy one of those, but not certainly sure if it's worth to jump from the $300 price range to the Aja KONA.

    I am really worried about chroma subsampling, I don't want to find an stream playing at unsupported rates by my capturer card, but I wouldn't really need 4 simultaneous 1080p streams. Which is what the Aja KONA HDMI allows.

    Also I would want to record uncompressed lossless, at least that the video card support the I/O speeds.

    Will appreciate any feedback
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