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  1. I'm trying to encode a 29.97fps WMV video with MeGUI to an x264 MKV. Below is my script. I can preview the video in AvsPmod without the underlined part and the index file is created as well. When encoding the video the underlined part is added.

    LoadPlugin("Z:\MeGUI 2836\tools\ffms\ffms2.dll")
    FFVideoSource("E:\To Encode\WMV File.wmv.ffindex", fpsnum=30000, fpsden=1001, threads=1)
    Tweak(Bright=-0, Sat=1.0, Cont=1.0, Hue=0.0, Coring=False)
    The problem is that when I try to encode the video with MeGUI, the video won't encode and gives this error:
    Your Avisynth clip has the following problem: Error in script FFVideoSource: Can't open the video due to line 2

    What am I doing wrong? Video source is attached.
    Image Attached Files
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  2. Don't open the index file, open the WMV file.
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  3. So what do I do? I tried removing the underlined part of my script but it still failed to encode.
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  4. I had no problem opening your video with: ffVideoSource("C:\path\to\WMV File.wmv")
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  5. Yes I can open it in AvsPmod but it won't encode.
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  6. Do you get an error message when you try to encode? Can you scrub through the video inw Avspmod? What encoder are you trying ot use? Add "Info()" to the end of your script. Do you see anything unusual? Delete the index file and try again.
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  7. I get the error message when trying to encode I mentioned at the bottom of my 1st post. Yes I can drag the slider all through AvsPmod. Using x264 encoder in MeGUI. Also tried in Simple x264 Launcher and it also says error in line 2. Tried deleting the index file and starting again but it still didn't work.

    Info didn't mention anything unusual.

    Are you able to encode it?
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  8. I had no problem encoding with the x264 command line encoder or using x264 in Megui. So you see the video normally in Megui's preview?
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  9. Figured out the problem. I was using One-click. I had my script in that. Normally you then drag the video file (not the script file) into the input box because obviously the script is within the Avisynth profile inside one-click. But for some reason with FFVideoSource you need to drag the script file into the Input box and not the video. Also anything in the script besides the FFVideoSource line is ignored but everything else in the script that was in the One-click script is used. Weird!
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  10. In One-Click Audio settings I set audio to Encode "Never" which when using DGDecodeNV means it will just remux the audio instead of re-encoding the audio. But for some reason when encoding this video with FFMS2 I'm not getting audio for some reason in my encode - I only get audio when I force a re-encode of the audio. Is there no way to tell MeGUI to remux the audio?
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