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  1. Hey everyone. I have an ATI TV wonder 600 USB capture card. This card does not allow changing audio levels via any interface, but there's a widely known hack to edit a registry key to get the audio level to change:

    I've tried this hack with no success, no value changes on this key are giving me any differences in audio levels. Issue is some tapes are clipping during transfer.

    Does anyone else have this card and was able to get audio levels working correctly? I feel like i'm a bit stuck. Windows 7 64 bit. Thanks!
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    Are you sure you are making the entry under the correct driver key? It isn't necessarily "0009" on your system like it is in the DigitalFAQ post.
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  3. So after several uninstalls and reinstalls, and then uninstalling and then only reinstalling the driver, I was able to get it to pick up the level change. I wish I had a better idea of what exactly changed, for next time, but I don't. So I'm working again, but am still curious if anyone ran into the same issue. Thanks!
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