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  1. I'm hoping someone here can help me out. I was gone on vacation for about a week and upon returning home it seems the video acceleration on Youtube stopped working on my computer, most likely through some combination of updates that went through while I was away. Prior to this videos had been playing very smoothly and I would watch youtube videos at 720p 60fps without issue on Firefox. Now when attempting to do the same thing it drops almost every frame and the performance tab in task manager shows my GPU not being utilized and my CPU maxed out. I've looked at DXVA stats during playback as well which confirm the data presented by task manager. Videos played through netflix are fine with DXVA and task manager showing good GPU utilization and moderate utilization of the CPU. The same video plays back fine in the microsoft Edge browser. I've attempted to use the h264ify plugin with Firefox but have not had any luck. Does anyone know if there was a recent Firefox or Windows update that may have thrown a wrench in my youtube video decoding, and more importantly how I might be able to fix it? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  2. Which GPU? Which Firefox version? When playing a video, right-click on it->"stats for nerds". Make a screenshot.
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  3. GPU is listed on system specs under my username. It's an ECS Liva X2 fanless MiniPC with Intel HD Graphcis (Braswell SoC I believe). Here are my stats for nerds screenshots. First up VP9 Playback on Firefox: Then VP9 disabled on Firefox: and finally default h264 playback on Microsoft Edge browser which worked fine:

    Hope that helps.
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  4. I see. So even H.264 struggles. Even if H.264 decoding was done purely in software I wouldn't really expect this from your CPU.

    Can you do the things instructed here (with dev tool panel and the hardware decoding flags)?
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  5. Well it looks like Firefox did an update yesterday that fixed things. The HTML5 page on Youtube shows vp9 as not being present and my stats for nerds are showing avc1 for the codec and most importantly I'm getting smooth playback again with balanced CPU and GPU usage. Thank you for offering up some suggestions.
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