My Lenovo G51 seems to have carked it, at least for my purposes, so I guess I'm in the market for a replacement.

It's usually hooked up to my home theater system. Primary purpose is video capture, in HD via a BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle using the included BlackMagic Media Express, or SD via a Hauppauge USB-Live2 and AmerecTV or VirtualDub, onto a USB3.0 RAID0 drive.

In theory the RAID0 supports lossless even for HD capture, although I've never managed that, so it might be a CPU issue?

I'm capturing in SD to Lagarith AVI files, and currently in HD to MJPEG AVI files although lossless would be awesome. I tried capping HD through Vdub to a lossless codec at some point as well, but it only worked the once and dropped a ton of frames thereafter.

I'm not really sure what sort of specs I need though. It's not going to be an editing machine, purely for capture.

Does anyone have any input?