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  1. I have been using Avidemux for ages and it's a great program, simple and fast.
    Just one thing I can't understand which seems to be a pretty silly omission.
    Considering its supposed to be a program which cuts video, I am rather surprised there is not a cut button on the menu.
    Lots of other buttons which will do everything you want except cut.
    At the moment seems all one can do is click edit and scroll to cut and click on that.
    Fiddly and annoying when you're doing a lot of cutting
    Alternative Keyboard option would have been ok, if it was just a single press but needs two different buttons. Ctrl + X, again making it more fiddly when doing a lot of cutting.

    Considering what a good program it is I am really surprised they did not use a cut button on the menu.
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    I think you answered yourself already. Avidemux is for visual modification of video. Put Cut icon can't be rocket science. Reason is, I think, you are using ctrl+x to cut A->B segment on the other hand I use delete (also call it cut). With CTRL+X you delete scene but copy it already in memory. <- hope it is right statement. Deleting unwanted scenes in Avidemux is more common i think. So it can lead to missunderstanding. Glad I'm able to keep in my old brain several shortcuts CTRL + A/C/X/V and what delete key delete do.

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  3. Ok thanks guys,
    I should have thought of that using delete button.
    Yeah that kind of solved the problem still would prefer cut button on interface, but you can't have everything.
    Delete certainly makes it easier, now have to retrain the brain to stop going automatically to edit with mouse
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