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    Tried drive swapping with a DCR-SR45 and HDR-XR500. Neither camcorder can read the files spat out by the DCR-SR200, but the DCR-SR200 can read them just fine. Neither of the USB equipped camcorders can show the files on the computer either. No matter what data recovery solution I use, nothing shows up. I don't have the dock for the SR200 as I only paid about $6 for the thing back in 2014.

    Any pointers would be appreciated. I don't currently have any proper solution for reading the drive directly without a camcorder as a go-between and given how much some of these adapters go for, it would probably make more sense to just plunk down for the "Handycam Station", but I am really curious as to what is going on here. Funky filesystem? Undocumented encryption? Poorly documented encryption? Legit HDD problem that only manifests outside of the SR200? I'm clueless here. The drive shows used space, but there's nothing.
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  2. is it a 1.8 inch hdd? what interface does this particular hdd have, like sata, ...
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