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    Good day,everyone.

    I'm trying to extract an audio from a HLS stream with FFMPEG, although the console shows that it extracted it full length, the extracted audio is only half long of that.

    FFMPEG input:
    ffmpeg -i -vn -acodec copy outputaudio.aac
    After file is extracted this is what appears on commandline:
    size=  391131kB time=04:38:00.12 bitrate= 192.1kbits/s speed=5.28x
    video:0kB audio:391131kB subtitle:0kB other streams:0kB global headers:0kB muxin
    g overhead: 0.000000%
    The file is exact size as mentioned,however the duration is only 2h 20min,which means that there are the 2h 18min missing here.

    I tried playing the stream in VLC to double check and can confirm that actual duration is 4h 38min.

    For some weird reason when i try extracting video with audio,FFMPEG messes up the whole audio and dramatically lowers it's quality (even tho i have added the -acodec copy option with it),but it extracts it full length. That's why i need to extract the audio separately.

    Could this be related to FFMPEG having some issues with AAC codec?

    Any tips appreciated.

    Edit: I discovered that for some reason FFMPEG changes framerate from 25 (that's in original stream) to 48.something. I don't know why.
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