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  1. Hi guys !

    I have been trying to download this video ( for a few days now !
    I've used M3u8x and ffmpeg and different m3u8 links but it has still got me stumped so far !! What am I doing wrong ? I'm not an expert and I've tried so many options ... I need help ! If you can see the light in what lies below, you'll be highly praised !! Thaaaaanks !!

    Here's the m3u8 link :

    and the ffmpeg snap attached ...

    Thank you so much !!

    Cheers !
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  2. It downloads ok with ffmpeg for Windows - but it seems from your syntax you could possible be using an 'adapted' verion of ffmpeg (rather than a raw version) contained within a different program (?)

    I used Win7 Pro SP1 x64. FireFox v.61.0.2 x64. ffmpeg from
    Get the correct build for your O/S and download the zip. Extract. Copy the 3 files from the 'BIN' folder to where they can be executed easily. Or remember the complete filepath to where you DL them to; and execute ffmpeg that way.

    I also noticed their server complaining of too many requests while I was looking at this yesterday (this may be the key); so today I accessed the page and hit the F12 key and:

    1. I typed m3u8 in the Filter url box - but did NOT play the video.
    2. It came up with a single m3u8 named '01.m3u8' which requested an url of:
    3. Make sure you copy the entire url; some of it is obscured from view in the Dev Tools window.

    The command is this:

    ffmpeg -i "" -c copy output.ts
    Heres the concert if you still cant DL yourself - 1280p x 720p @~1.7 Mbps 16:9 @ Main@L3.1 Runtime: 00:51:42

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  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to answer, codehound !! Thanks even more for the precious details, advice and the link to the concert !! I duplicated your whole procedure for the same concert and others. At first, it seemed to work fine ... I was hopeful but unfortunately I came up with a depressing "HTTP error 404 not found" (snap attached). Could it relate to the "too many requests" you mentioned in your post or have I missed something out again ? Thaaaanks !!
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  4. Rather than miss anything out - you have got a double URL there in your syntax (command) Chac, my have repeated the same url twice, so the 404 error is correct - 'file not found on server.'

    Correct that to a single m3u8 url and you look good to go.
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  5. Aaaarfff !! How came ??!! Silly me !! But this time I came up with this ... (snap attached). Pfffff ... sorry for being such a nuisance, codehound !!
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  6. Caught me online there still...

    I think the 'Permission denied' error is a local error (your pc) not website server. I notice you placed ffmpeg directly on root of your C:/Drive. Esp with Win10 this could be a priviledges issue. Experiment by putting ffmpeg, ffprobe and ffplay in a diff folder. I use C:/Program Files (x86)
    And start your commmand prompt as Admin.
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  7. Thank you so much for being so helpful and so ... patient, codehound !! I'll try this next time ! Have a nice week-end !!
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  8. Post back your results. If you dont see the m3u8 on the initial F12 then do a single page refresh (F5).

    Screenshot below for the next VOD you were trying to DL, showing the 01m3u8 again with it DL'ing too. (There is also an 02 m3u8 on a 403 forbidden - dont know what this is, sorry).

    And if still no luck heres the dance concert; same quality:

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  9. Yeeeaaaaaahh !! Running the command prompt as Admin was the key !!!! I've just made a snap of the whole procedure not to forget next time !! Thank you so much for your precious help codehound, as it wasn't the first time I tried to find my way in the maze of ffmpeg user's guide !! You've really made my day !! Take care and all the best to you !! Cheers !
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