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  1. Hi!
    I have this soft called virtualdub batcher v13 and i used to use it to batch covert videos but i haven't used it for a long time , and now i seem to forgot how to use it. All i remember is i used virtualdub to set my processing settings then save it and open the batcher load the videos and load the pocessing setting.
    But that is not working because when i am saving my processing setting of virtualdub it saves a file called .vdscript and the file i have to load in the batcher program uses a .vcf file. So my question to you is how do i go about it.
    It would be a great help. Thanks all the same.
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  2. vcf is the same as vdscript, you can just rename it.
    But maybe you can forget batcher, in vd2 I optimized some usage of batch processing. There is batch wizard where you can add multiple files at once.
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  3. Thanks, Shekh.
    For taking the time in replying to my query. Your info on .vdscript and .vcf being the same was helpful and merely changing the name worked for me, thank you.
    I have downloaded vd2 as you suggested but, I wanted to know if there is a How to use or Instruction manual on tips and tricks is available on the subject also.
    Take care and thanks again for your kindness.
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  4. No manual, but if you scroll through changes history it should give some hints.
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