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  1. Hi, but yes I'm a cat

    I ask what is a good/best pc notebook that have an aggressive performance to encode with ffmpeg x264, without hardware support (no QuickSync or NVenc)?

    I have a HP ENVY J113EL (17'') of year 2013

    [Attachment 46697 - Click to enlarge]

    and I try to understand if is there a way to encode with ffmpeg/x264 at more velocity with a new best-performance notebook, thanks
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  2. You'd probably get quicker responses and more help with you many posts if you'd stop referring to 'cats', really mate.... This has gone on for a long time now, it's getting quite weird/offensive.
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  3. I too am sick and tired of the juvenile cat shtick. Also, this particular question is so silly that, coupled with the "cat" reference, I don't even know if it is serious. The answer is obvious: get the fastest processor you can afford.
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