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    I tried using different TIVTC avisynth scripts on an anime DVD and the results were great but the text in this part of the video still looks like it needs IVTC'ing. I have attached a video file which I split with mkvtoolnix and I also attached a video file that I split and used TIVTC on. I made a newbie mistake and put the video in an mkv container and later realized I didn't need to do that. The script that I used was the one from If I remember correctly.

    deint = TDeint(mode=2, mtnmode=3, blim=100)
    TFM(cthresh=4, slow=2, clip2=deint)
    Crop(4, 0, -4, -0)
    LanczosResize(844, 480)

    I just copied the TIVTC scripts because I don't know what the settings do and I tried using a d2v file in my script but that made blocks appear on some parts of the video. Thanks for the help. I hope I'm not confusing you.
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  2. The titles were overlaid after the film was telecined (this is very common). So the background is 24p (with hard pulldown) but the titles are 30i. So it cannot be cleanly IVTC'd to 23.976 fps. You can use a filter like vInverse() to blur away residual combing after TFM(). If you want even more cleaning of buzzing edges use QTGMC(InputType=2).
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