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  1. i have 100+ videos (mkv) which i will encode into mp4 (using megui) file and then i want to join a intro video with each file. what will be the easy way to do that? is there any way to do that in one click without losing video quality and second time witout re-encode?

    Note: intro video is 1080p, and join file can be 480p to 720p

    possible using avisynth?
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    You cannot join two videos of different resolutions without re-encoding to the same resolution, almost all players will assume that one media file has only one resolution for the whole playing time.

    AviSynth will always decode everything, so you will have to encode the result in every case.

    Re-encoding with a lossy codec, you will always lose quality (whether or not you may notice the loss, is a different question).
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  3. You'd have to use scripting. Using operating system scripts or scripts of your choice (Python for example) but they do not come with the system, you'd need to get it. Then you'd just fire up that script and that would load a file but played it with intro first.
    You can choose windows batch script for it, always paste it among those videfiles together with that intro. You'd also could use portable player, like mpv player, included as well and that playback would be almost seamless.

    Internet has this this sort of already in progress using scripting. Web players play files one after each other. Scripts decide what files to play (ads, intro, outro).
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  4. sorry for my bad english.

    i will encode my mkv files, so is it possible to add intro video while i encoding those mkv file?
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  5. after you encode both files to the same parameters, you can join them in mkvmerge
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  6. i tried mkvmerge method, but app only encode first join video.
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  7. Originally Posted by _Al_ View Post
    after you encode both files to the same parameters, you can join them in mkvmerge
    first encode both separately (MeGui), then join them(mkvmerge)

    MKVmerge is not an encoder. I do not know any setup , that could do it at once, well using Avisynth sure, but not sure if you'd go there. Those encoders might be out there mind you, wait for a while for some response. Some encoders that allow joining files before encode. The problem might be that those video inputs have different parameters.
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  8. If I were to re-encode anyways I would join in AviSynth before encode. Spares a lot of hassles with non-seamless or incompatible encodings. Like was said in post #3 you can batch create such AviSynth scripts with Windows' tools. Basically run a FOR loop and ECHO the AviSynth lines into .avs files. Then you can run them through e.g. MeGUI. Use one clip for the intro and another for the actual file. Then resize and change fps in intro as needed to fit the file using the clip properties. Then use aligned splice to splice them together. (if aspect ratio is different and you want to add black bars instead of changing it)
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