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    I have a video that is kind of blurry, like a dvd created using a vhs print. It would be nice to be able to sharpen the video some and add clarity to it without overdoing it and making it pixelated and causing macroblocking. I know there are many free and paid software that can easily sharpen videos, but is there one that is better than another with sharpening and could provide better results? Also, with the software, are there specific settings for sharpening a basic blurry video that give it decent results?
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    Best is always questionable.
    And also such filters usually has some option to let user decide. There is filter Asharp in Avisynth, that is ported and is also part of Avidemux. So no complication of learning Avisynth scripts. You can easy try it then. If you are not satisfied, so forget.

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