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  1. Hello. I have a problem posting on youtube that I posted the video in about 2 hours, I posted in the ok, but just show the view. And others can not see. Try to clip the words are blocked ... hope you guide how to overcome. I also posted 2.3 clips and used ok. But this clip is not viewable.
    Thank you!!
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  2. I do not understand.
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  3. Looks like he used Google translate and it really doesn't make sense. But if he really tried to upload a 2 hour video then that is problem #1, as Youtube only allows 15 minute vids for newbies. There is a size limit of videos too. More minutes allowed if you go though a Google verification process. Looks like he just joined this forum and he didn't give us his home location. He may be a spammer. And come to think of it, a 2 hour video looks like a full movie doesn't it?
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