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    I was looking at the system requirements for VSDC and they seem almost to low end. I plan on running Windows 10. So my question is, "what are the specs you have in your PC?". Thanks in advance.
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  2. I know nothing about VSDC, but the Wikipedia entry starts with this statement: "... does not require any specialized hardware to run properly...".

    However, whenever you want to edit video, you generally want three things:

    1. Lots of disk storage. Doesn't need to be exotic or fast, just large.

    2. The fastest CPU you can afford. This helps keep playback smooth as you start to add filters (e.g., color correction) to the video.

    3. A video card that has GPU assist. I searched the Wiki article for "GPU" and found nothing, so this it appears that VSDC doesn't use GPU and therefore you don't need this.
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  3. There is (an official review of this video editor, and in the second paragraph the following system requirements are outlined:
    Windows XP/SP3/Vista/7/8/10

    RAM 256Mb for the program

    Minimum 50Mb of free disk space

    VSDC is really one of the less demanding video editors out there and as long as you have at least 2GB of memory on your PC, you should be fine.
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