Sorry this is slightly off topic but I know there are a few folks using this board who work with Mac and PC. I have a friend who is using Nero Burning Rom 2017 and I am trying to guide him but I never use a PC for video/DVD stuff. He has a DVD that has corrupt small files (BUP, IFO) and I want to guide him to use his software in ways that mirror the Video tab in Toast. That is, when I run into the same problem he has, I just drag my VOB files into the Video tab in Toast and multiplex that way to re-author a new DVD with new non-corrupt small files.

Is there an equivalent move in Nero that I can point my friend to use?

Sorry this is slightly off topic since there is a PC forum here but I wanted to start from a parallel move in Toast (if there is such a move) that I could use as a model to help my friend. Thanks in advance for any advice.