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    I have a VCR and an old capture device, but after doing some reading I've realized they are no good. The options below aren't the most expensive but I'm wondering if they would at least make any relative improvements.

    Capture Device:

    I'm wondering if these two capture devices are equally crappy:

    I got the "ION video to PC" around 2008 but never used it. Now that I'm looking up more things I was thinking of the Haupage 610 which I read some good things about:

    It's captures at 24 bits, and I've read that bit rate is important but I don't know if that is any better or worse than the ION I already have. Cameras are out of my price range. (that I can find)

    Also with VCR's, I already have a late 90's Toshiba W522CF it only has component out, so I figure I should at least have S-video out. I read on another forum that the JVC's S7500 and up are the only ones with 'TBC's', which is apparently a big help but those are 300-400$. These are some that at least have S-video out I was looking at:


    JVC-HR-S3500U-Super-VHS there's tons of these around


    These are priced a bit above the $50 ones at around $100 but maybe doesn't count for much? I have no way knowing how old they are is the problem. Even if it has S_video out isn't the wear on the heads just going to make it worse than my Toshiba W522CF anyway? I can pay up to around $200 for a VCR if I could find a better one listed. But it's either these or $300 plus, so there is a jump there with little in between.

    The S3500U, if it's so ubiquitous does that mean it's worse or more cheaply made than these earlier S-29models?

    thanks for any help on this.
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