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  1. Hello all, looking for any help on downloading streams from WatchESPN, as well as ESPN+. Ive had some luck with WatchESPN, but the downloaded video is usually full of errors and essentially empty frames that make it a pain to edit (or even watch). Ive also had no luck downloading ESPN+ videos. Ive been using Livestreamer and finding the m3u8 link (usually j.m3u8 is in the link) with Inspect Elements/AdBlock. Is there another program that would work better with these streams? Is there anything that can be done with ESPN+? Thanks in advance!
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  2. I dont know about WatchESPN or ESPN thru cable. Surely this can be done with a capture card (Elgato, Hauppage HD-PVR-2 etc and software). But best quality for ESPN+ via the web though; is a TS (transportable stream) file of 1280p x 720p 16:9 @ 59.940 fps and there are 3 x 720p diff quality bitrates available, all with diff m3u8s; 'best' being 7,200 kbps. The 540p stream is also 59.940 fps but the 504p stream and those below are 29.970 fps. They can be downloaded very easily with Streamlink v.0.14.2 if you are in the US and know the working syntax, but site access is becoming more and more problematic with VPN's from diff countries, and impossible with free proxies - and this was not the case even a couple of weeks ago - so the espn+ firewall is being screwed down. (I am in UK).

    And personally, with regard to espn+ I would not advise discussion about methods of download or syntaxes on a public forum either.
    Also Streamlink's official line is they dont support espn+ and will definitely not be providing a plugin, but there is a manual workaround that's possible. The clue to which lies in the last post of an Issue raised on the official Streamlink Git-Hub site.


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