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  1. Hello. I wish to use the "standard" pixel shaders that come with MPC-BE (Sharpen Complex 2, for example). Can these shaders be run with integrated graphcis?

    I know there are shaders such as MadVR which really need a dedicated graphics card, but not sure about the "standard" pixel shaders that are included in the install.

    If it makes a difference, the CPU will be an Intel i3 or i5 Coffee Lake.

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  2. Yes. You can use the shaders with your integrated graphics. I can use them on my old i5 2500K.
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  3. Thanks, good to know. If I could ask one more question, can you remember which renderer you used with the IG? Was it VMR9(renderless) by any chance?

    But thanks again.
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  4. To use the shaders I have to use Sync Video Renderer or Enhanced Video Renderer (custom presenter).
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  5. Thanks a lot for the info, very useful
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