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  1. While I've loved Clown BD for a long time, it's just not working as well as it once did. (Windows 10)... Plus it was never great at helping me figure out which subtitles to keep, enable the forcing of the forced subtitle track, etc...

    I just really want to be able to keep my video and audio - without being touched at all (no re-encoding), while getting all the other crap out of the way. I love previews the first time, but not the fifth. And when I want to turn on subtitles because of poor annunciation or audio, I don't want to have to press my subtitle button 7 times to cycle through everything that was on the BR.

    I'd be happy to purchase something commercial if it really helped me do the above... Select the specific audio and subtitle streams, and hopefully help me deal with the annoying (but frequent) occurrences where forced subtitle tracks are separate tracks, and often one of 3-4 tracks. (Due to director commentary tracks, etc...)

    I want to stay in BD format. It's what everything I have plays, and will play for years to come.

    Is there anything out there that I should take a look at?

    Thanks for reading...
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    If by "BD format" you mean retaining the full Blu-Ray disc with menus as an .iso, DVDFab or AnyDVD will allow you customize what's included or excluded. However both aren't free and require a subscription for updates. If you're not ripping current Blu-Rays or can wait several months for the update, DVDFab has a free version.

    If you're okay with individual files (i.e. main movie, trailers, extras, etc), MakeMKV is free and puts your files into an .mkv container with no quality loss. If you're ripping current movies, it may take a while for it to be updated to handle them. MKVs are almost universally supported and will be around for years to come.

    BTW, ripping or a rip of a disc by definition is always lossless.
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  3. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

    I currently use RedFox AnyDVD to rip the image, and then ClownBD to create movie only BD "directories"... Stripping out unneeded audio and subtitles and previews. Just the movie, high quality audio, and english subtitles.

    I thought one of my current media players didn't support MKV but it does. So I'll take a look at MakeMKV.

    If with the above information you have other recommendations, I'd gladly listen.

    Specifically the "mess" with subtitles is one of my "things". I really want to be able to manage the subtitles (force any separate subtitle tracks that are required, etc..)

    Thanks again!
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