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  1. Hi I have the new Avermedia,

    But i'm running into some problems with it may AverMedia live gamer 4k GC573.
    And I was wondering if some else has had these problems and knows what it could be?
    I'm starting to think its a vaulty unit.

    Have windows 10 machine connected and I'm getting the following Problems.
    - At the startup of the stream +/- 4 minutes everything works.
    - then I will get random lost signal for 1 sec and the signal comes back.
    - After some time the signal will be lost completely. (I will see the message from AverMedia No Signal.)
    - Also Some times I get a HDCP error will streaming nothing that could trigger HDCP.

    also this has happend.
    Strange colours:

    A reboot of the stream machine temporary fixes the problems for a few minutes.
    have tried different HDMI cables and different stream pc and older drivers.
    but nothing seems to work.

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

    with kind regards
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    have you read min. specs that are required, have you it in right slot PCIe revision 2x4? Also there is mentioned that HDCP not supported with this card. But if you get this notice and you are 100% sure it is without HDCP then it is strange.

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  3. have tried the following motherboards.
    Asus Rampage III and I7 980x
    and pc with Asus Rampage IV and Intel Core i7-3970X
    and planning to try it on my game pc with a MSI X299 SLI PLUS with a i7 7820X.

    Just received a beta driver and i'm testing that at the moment.
    my first looks like some problems are fixed.

    Just trying to stream 1080p 60 Mhz not even 4k
    Add the moment just getting No Signal and random Freezes.
    put I a lot better than the other driver version.
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  5. Could you tell if this capturer is capable to record multichannel audio? I have read it's only capable to output h.264+AAC and h.265+AAC, anyways it says supports 5.1 and 7.1 audio pass-through.
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