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    Evening all.

    After an impromptu purchase of a GoPro HERO6 Black, I now have a few hours of driving footage of our recent trip to Arizona. Unfortunately, in my haste to get up and running, I went straight to the HEVC 4k 60fps instead of using one of the inbuilt stabilisation modes.

    So what I have is like this:

    GX010004.MP4 (1.1G)

    Vegas inbuilt stabilisation crashes and the Mercalli plug-in isn't up to much.

    Unfortunately, Premiere Pro trial does not include stabilisation, so I can't tell if it is any good out not.

    Hyperlapse will only output to 1080p but does it well.

    So... any suggestions that would stabilise HEVC 4k and keep it as near to 4k as possible?

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  2. Maybe Gunner Thalin's DeShaker filter for VirtualDub. Or MvTools in AviSynth. I'm sure ffmpeg (command line conversion tool) can do it too.
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  3. There's an ffmpeg library named libvidstab, which is included in the standard Zeranoe builds. Usage is explained e.g. at: -> see Option B
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