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    My Samsung LN40B650 is cutting off part of my picture. Even when I select the "Screen Fit" option in the TV menu, which is supposed to show the entire picture, a small portion of the picture still gets cut off. I have gone into the service menu and tested out the menu options and I haven't found anything that fixes this issue of the overscan area not being displayed. I can access every part of the service menu except for a section called "advanced". When I try to access "advanced" on my remote, nothing happens. I am using a universal remote and I don't have the original remote that came with the TV so I don't know if I need the original remote to access the "advanced" section. I just want to see if there is an option to this overscan problem in the "advanced section".

    Does anyone know the overscan option in the service menu would be called or if it is even possible to fix this problem?
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  2. Samsung call is Just Scan. On my Samsung TV (older model) it's accessed via the blue P-Size button. On some TVs you get the non-overscan mode by switching the input name to PC or Computer, or some such.
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