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  1. Originally Posted by Anonymous10 View Post
    Originally Posted by video.baba View Post
    Yeh sorry. Just busy at work. I have updated it, I added Av1 support and also added the "warning' sound back in, I just need to spend an hour checking it before I release it. I promise there will be an updated minor version out soon.
    Originally Posted by video.baba View Post
    Originally Posted by Wolffy View Post
    How much longer will we have to wait for the minor update? For god's sake
    Unfortunately, a long time. With all due respect, I didn't make the program for you. I made it for me and my daughter, well, my daughter's movies. I told you over a year ago, you're too pushy (including via private messages). This is just a little 'spare-time' project for me.

    I suggest you find an equivalent tool, a paid tool, for which you can demand support. "I will never work on BOX4 again".
    @Video.baba: Then I can forget about the minor update of the warning sound back once the task List is finished.

    Anyway, I take this opportunity to thank you for your great work.
    So, that's it, then?
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