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  1. BOX4 version 3 (BETA 2)

    New version 3, re-written from scratch.
    -Switched over to WPF:
    • -Slightly new interface which should be more responsive and easier to understand.
    • -Easier to move the program window around.
    • -Easier to switch between various windows like settings|tracks|profiles. (without having to close each window individually)
    • -Job and track scrolling smoother and improved.
    Made some of the previous options clearer to understand (settings).
    Input file audio and subtitle track limits increased from 8 to 16.
    Added the 'loudnorm' audio filter.
    You can now import additional subtitle tracks (including YouTube VTT), and set the language code.
    Audio default track flag can be changed.
    Subtitle default and forced track flag can be changed/set/unset.

    VIDEO: AVC H.264|HEVC H.265|VP9|VC-1

    FILTER: LOUDNORM & DYNAUDNORM (Audio Normalisers)
    SUBTITLE: Both TEXT and BITMAP formats (TEXT in MP4 are Apple compatible)

    BOX4 (x64 .NET Framework v4.7.1)
    Programmed/tested with Microsoft Windows 10 only.
    (may work on Windows 7 onwards)

    DOWNLOAD (15.7MB)
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    FILE: Selects your input file.
    FOLDER: Loads in all compatible files from your chosen folder - (you can also drag and drop).
    START: Starts (and stops) the job processes.

    PROFILES: Displays the 'PROFILES' window.
    SETTINGS: Displays the 'SETTINGS' window.
    MIN: Minimises BOX4.
    EXIT: Closes BOX4.



    Select which audio and subtitle tracks you want enabled by default when loading in a file.
    Select between: none, first, language, and all.
    (language will enable the track whose language code matches the code you have selected)
    *These 'enabled by default' tracks are, in BOX4, referred to as 'PRIMARY' tracks*
    *All other 'not enabled by default' tracks are referred to as 'SECONDARY' tracks*
    You can set which 'codec|channel|bitrate|filter' for both MKV|MP4 output file tracks, PRIMARY and SECONDARY, within the PROFILES window.
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  3. Great...all the fetaures I was expecting...thanks!!!
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  4. Good to hear. Give it a good test when you have time and report back
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  5. Just tested it and it worked flawlessly...added a subtitle, set it as forced (as far as I know this is the only FFMpeg based remuxer allowing it). I personally like the new layout so...big congratz...great job indeed.
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  6. No problems reported from previous BETA1
    Now updated to BOX4 version 3 (BETA-2)
    • Fixed mp4|mkv profile button same file (extention) I/O check.
    • Added the ability to edit the audio normaliser LOUDNORM parameters 'I|LRA|TP'.
    • Editible TextBoxes (Title & Normaliser 'dynaudnorm-loudnorm' options) highlight all on selection.
    • A few font changes to add a little continuity.
    • Simplified the input video|audio|subtitle|attachment format checks.
    • Some trivial GUI/control/geometry changes and alignments.
    • Various (too many to list and/or forgotten) small code improvements.
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  7. If there's no errors/bugs/faults with this version, it will become version 3. (after extensive post-checking of course).
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  8. Please note: "LOUDNORM" takes *a lot* longer that "DYNAUDNORM"
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  9. Absolutely my favourite rid of MKVToolnix and PopCorn MKV AudioConverter and finally I can use a single program for my need. Author attitude is a plus...he always listen and take in the right consideration suggestions and requests.
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  10. Test still in progress but here are the first remarks: For now streaming reception and image quality are correct.
    I would return to complement my opinion because elements have not been tested, WiFi for example ...

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________
    Minecraft Pocket Edition Google Play Services Counter-Strike
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  11. Originally Posted by izel View Post
    Test still in progress but here are the first remarks: For now streaming reception and image quality are correct.
    I would return to complement my opinion because elements have not been tested, WiFi for example ...
    Streaming? Wifi? Are you referring to BOX4?
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  12. Fantastic software/tool!! I've been looking for something like this for years and it's exactly what I need for my purposes. Many thanks for the effort and work on the developer.
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  13. Guys, thank you for the nice words, it is nice. People can be little shits at time, but, they can also be really nice. Thank you.
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  14. This happens to me regularly and only with V3...when I process several files (simply copy process removing unneeded audio and subs tracks) the first few files are processed at impressive high speed then from file to file speed decrease noticeably and I'm talking from about 5000 fps to lower than 100...tought it was a ffmpeg problem but I re-processed the same files with exactly the same variable (same source and destination folders...different HDD and no other program running) with Xvid4PSP and the processing speed was constant...any idea?
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