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  1. This piss me off. I watched video mostly in windowed mode, and I want quick access to base options.
    With older version 1.5 interface elements were „permanent” and not hidded automatically. In version 1.6 there was (but I'm not remember very well) an option to switch of controllbar autohidding.

    Any suggest for Potplayer 1.7? Or maybe this option is somewhere in Properties, but I can't find it?
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    try right click on window then skins and here Auto hide main skin while video screen is active.
    You get borderless window when moved to bottom part bottom part with timeline appears, but don't know if this is what you really want.

    Edit: if you want buttons permanent, try different skin. I didn't clearly understand what you want. I have default settings and in window mode, there is no any part of skin hidden.

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  3. Ok. I got old Potplayer 1.6 skin. Works perfectly with 1.7.
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