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  1. I want to export bookmarks from potplayer to some other readable format. Unfortunately the only available format is pbf. I'm writing a script to convert it to readable proper time format hh:mms:ff or something similar. However I don't understand how these values work. For example I bookmark something at 36m:51s and the pbf file says 2331000. The video is (29.97 FPS) so that's not frames. If I bookmark something at 1frame it shows 32 and if I bookmark something at frame 2 it shows 66. So it's inconsistent. How do I decode this?
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  2. Perhaps it is milliseconds, but if I calculate 2331000 ms = 2331 secs -> 2331ms/60= 38,85 secs -> 0,85*60 = 51 secs -> 38m:51s probably you mistyped here?
    since one frames duration of 29.97 fps is about 33,36 ms that would also fit.
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    can confirm Flashandpan007 deduction, that it is time in miliseconds.

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  4. Thank you. I indeed mistyped it.
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  5. @hemstock

    Could you share with me 1 or 2 sample .pbf files? I want add it to my chapterEditor.
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