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  1. Hello guys.

    How do I insert a youtube video link to watch in Perfect Player app?

    I have the following link:

    In the Perfect Player app I put it this way:

    #EXTINF:-1, How to make beautiful pot easily at home...

    When I go to watch by the Perfect Player app in my TVBox inform me offline.

    You can try any link that reports offline.

    P.S.: In VLC Player it is possible to open and play youtube streams.

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  2. Play the video in VLC and get the URL with Tools -> Media Information -> Location:

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  3. Hello jagabo,

    Unfortunately it did not work. I put the entire URL that you gave me and it's still offline.

    #EXTINF:-1, How to make beautiful pot easily at home... ...
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  4. Why do you want to use the Perfect Player app? Is there anything special about it?
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  5. Players have to specifically designed to work with the base youtube URL. They have to parse the page to find the real URL of the video. The player in your TVBox (?) probably wasn't designed to do that.

    The real, longer URL of the video changes frequently to prevent you from doing what you are trying to do.
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  6. flashandpan007 and jagabo,

    Tks very much for your attention.

    I think both are right. I learned that it is possible to install YOUTUBE app for android on my TVBox. That way I think I solve the problem with Perfect Player app.
    I'll do it and I'll let you know later.

    Once more thank you.
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