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  1. Please help me rip subtitles for the first time from my own DVD. I've tried with HandBrake and the video came without subtitles. Here are my selections. What am I doing wrong?
    [Attachment 46513 - Click to enlarge]
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  2. I recommend that you use SubtitleEdit for this job..

    You can use:

    File-> 'Import / OCR Subtitle from VOB / IFO (DVD)....'
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  3. Handbrake is not recommended for rip subtitles.
    Your subtitles may exit hardsub using this feature.
    my recommendation is:
    1- download makemkv and make a remux of your dvd.
    2- use mkvtoolnix to extract the subtitle from remux.
    3- now use subtitleedit to convert the subtitle to the format you like (.ass, srt, any).
    4- Finally, use mkvtoolnix to merge your subtitle with the video.

    works well for me.
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  4. Thank you for your two different suggestions. I will try them. I'm NOT SURE THOSE WILL WORK FOR MAC, though
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    @mirella martinelli It would have been very nice it you mentioned that in your post..

    It can be done with handbrake, although i don't know if the mac version is the same as Linux.

    I you load the movie in handbrake go to the subtitle tab and click add all. select the sub you want and click edit(pencil icon)
    select the sub you want and choose burn in or not (thats hardcoded) or select set default

    Subs should now in the output file, depending on mkv or mp4 the output can be different
    experiment with it
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    For MAC try MKVTools ($6.00)
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  7. Originally Posted by jan5678 View Post
    Subs should now in the output file, depending on mkv or mp4 the output can be different
    Maybe it really is as simple as choosing mkv output in HandBrake. From his screenshot it looks like he uses mp4 container which I guess HandBrake can't mux dvd subtitles into (burn-in should work, though). Looking at the HandBrake activity log might provide more insight. I also wonder if the next HandBrake (or currently nightly) will behave differently as HandBrake will now be based on ffmpeg and ffmpeg supports putting dvd subs into mp4.

    Note: even if you manage to successfully put dvd subs into the mp4 container your player might not support this. In that case burning-in will help.
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