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  1. There's a 6 second long, 4 megabyte size sample attached.

    So far I tried yadif and qtgmc for deinterlacing and tfm(order=0).tdecimate() and I get nice output, but there's blends on movement scenes.

    srestore(23.976) or 24/25 gives skips.

    Here's a result (look at the arm):

    This is the result of:
    I also just noticed it has skips. No skips with Yadifmod2(order=1) tho.
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    • File Type: m2v 1.M2V (4.05 MB, 141 views)
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  2. Ha, looks like I solved it with srestore and yadif. Pretty sure I was getting skips with just srestore with no deinterlacers.

    Anyway with default srestore and yadif I was actually getting duplicate frames, but adding mode=1 to yadif solves everything.

    Final script
    Not sure how mode=1 was the whole game changer.
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  3. mode=1 is double frame rate: 29.97 fps interlaced to 59.94 fps progressive, like QTGMC at default settings. You (almost) always want to do that for use with SRestore(). QTGMC + SRestore should give cleaner results.
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