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  1. Hello good mornig for everyone.
    First of all I'm sorry English is not my first language.

    A few days ago I took a video with my tablet, using the program manycam, the video is an mp4 1163kb, however, it does not show any image (the image is black) and does not play audio either, despite this, vlc player send me no error, the same goes for wmp, only gomplayer gets stuck when I try to play it.

    The weird thing is that i record a couple of videos before that, that works just find. i already tried differente video fixing programs and tutorials from youtube.

    media info.
    size 1.13mb 1,163kb
    attributes A
    protected no
    length 21:39
    frame widh 1280
    height 720
    data rate 0kbps
    total bitrate 2kbps
    audio sample rate 44
    audio bitrate 2kbps

    I found a program that may help but is for Ubuntu (github . com /ponchio/untrunc) and i dont have ubuntu.

    Thanks for your help.

    PD: i'm willing to pay if you can fix it for me. (dropbox video link is here: https : / / notepad . pw / vid123)
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    Provide the bad video and a good video from the same device. Post it right here in the forum
    (upload files/manage attachments button)

    I have untrunc installed, I'l try it for you
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  3. 1163kb is way too small for a 21 minute video. That's only enough for a few seconds of video. You're probably not going to get anything out if it.
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    Not 'Restoration'. Moving thread to 'Newbie/General' forum.
    And welcome to our forums.

    Moderator redwudz
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  5. Wait... you mentioned that the video file is mp4 1163kb?? It seems like there is somehow no video at all in your recorded file...
    It might be part of the problem why all the tools you have used didn't work this time.

    Still, I'd try online service to restore your file (it's an updated version of recover_mp4, which can be found here at Videohelp site).
    If you have another file recorded with your tablet with manycam (with the same settings), this should work. Or write to their support - it might be they'll somehow help.

    But with a 1163kb -sized video file... not so sure bro Still, worth a try.
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