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    So i have a video that needs editing, more specifically, its a bit blurry and has some grain and video noise id like to remove. What filters and settings would be best to use to make my video as clear and sharp as possible without overdoing it?
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    one picture is worth of thousand words. One video is worth of several pictures.
    There is no universal answer to denoise video.

    Edit typo

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    I would suggest you take a short representative clip of your video with problems and try the different filters available in AVIDemux.
    You could also upload the same video clip to our forum and others could make suggestions or try some settings.

    You can also try VirtualDub2, if it's compatible with your video format, as it has quite a few more filters available:

    Generally, if you remove video noise and grain, you also 'soften' the video and will lose sharpness. You can't get that back.
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