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  1. I have some MPEG-TS files of DVB-T TV broadcasts. The channel generally broadcasts in SD, 544x576, 16:9, and swaps to 4:3 AR for certain broadcasts. The files I have swap between the two AR flags on the fly, for ad breaks and intros, etc, but ultimately I'm only interested in the 4:3 content.

    For each file I'd like to be able to:
    * Check for any errors in the transport stream and fix them
    * Edit ads out (on i-Frames so the file doesn't get re-encoded)
    * Extract the subtitles of my final edit
    * Output to Mpeg2 file without re-encoding
    * Ensure the whole file is set to 4:3 and any 16:9 flags are not present.

    What is the best way and order to do this? I have access to VideoRedo, Womble MPEG Video Wizard.
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    ProjectX (for SDTV MPEG-TS files) or TSDoctor a more modern solution that will handle HDTV as well as SDTV or VideoRedo
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